Welcome to Thai Hybrids, makers of Australian designed and quality controlled Thai 11 and 21 HHO Hydrogen Generators Dry Cells. Our HHO Generators are made from 316 Stainless Steel Plates, specially made corrosion and heat proof gaskets and all assembled using stainless steel bolts, nuts and washers. They are assembled under a strict quality controlled environment.

Our  HHO generators have been designed in Australia by one of Australia’s leaders in HHO technology.

HHO has been around for years and we believe that after countless experiments in Australia and now at our 13th generation of cell design, we at Thai Hybrids with the help of our Australian team believe that we can offer a HHO generator that gives more bang for your buck than most on the market, and at the same time offers a down to earth price. We use only the best materials, from all stainless steel nuts bolts and washers to long lasting 316 stainless plates. No avenue has been left to chance; even the o rings are specially made for us to give a long trouble free life. All our cells are fitted with metal, (not plastic) quick release fittings that offer a full 360 degree swivel which makes the installation easy if you are a DIY or cheaper if you having the cell installed.

Please note some other HHO manufactures use lower grades of Stainless steel like 304  and use just run of the mill bolts and o rings, here at Thai Hybrids we only use high quality materials for our HHO generators and parts.

Our wholesale products are sold in multiples of 10.

Please have a look through our products, if you are interested in purchasing them select “Add to Quote” then when you have your selection visit QUOTE page and email us your request. More products will be added in the future so keep in contact with us.