HHO Generators


Thai Hybrids strives to provide a high quality affordable HHO Generators and HHO Systems with the best possible customer service. HHO injection is becoming more accepted world wide as the amazing results are being achieved. As the technology advances, we at Thai Hybrids will endeavour to keep up with the pace so as to continue to develop electrolyzers that are more efficient with each generation. Every generation of cell is getting better and this has been due hours of experiments and countless dollars plus the help  of many happy customers who have done there own experiments and have given us their results. Here at Thai Hybrids we welcome your suggestions to increase performance and service, we aim to make the highest quality HHO generators.

HHO is not complex but to make life easy we have made all our kits so that all of the main components needed for a successful install are provided.


HHO GeneratorsHHO acts as a catalyst to burn all the fuel that would have normally been thrown out the exhaust. This in turn increases performance by smoothing out and improving overall operation. Almost immediately you will notice a significant reduction in engine noise, as a more complete combustion helps the engine to cycle correctly, this results in noticeable power increase., over the next month or so the engine will remove built up carbon deposits from unburnt fuel, further increasing your performance & mileage and reducing your emissions.

The average engine uses around 30% of the energy stored in the fuel and wastes around 70% for heat, pollution (unburnt fuel!) and vibration , so by enhancing the efficiency we gain horse power and increase economy while helping the environment.


The following papers validate the use oh HHO in the internal combustion engine. The articles of a scientific nature.
There are a couple of abbreviations used frequently in these documents: ICE – Internal Combustion Engine, and SI – Spark Ignition; as in an “SI engine”.

Department of Transportation report, November 2007.
This is report written by the U.S. Department of Transportaion giving the guidelines for using hydrogen supplementation to engines. It includes guidelines for using hydrogen from on board electrolyzers and hydrogen on demand systems such as are sold in our online store,” , Y. Jamal and M.L.Wyszynski, School of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering University of Birmingham, Birmingham UK. This article covers the use of hydrogen to lower emissions and increase fuel combustion efficiency. Includes results from numerous other researchers as well.

NASA Paper: Cassidy, J.F., Technical Note Report # E-9105, May, 1977, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Washington, D.C. Adding hydrogen to gasoline significantly increased flame speed and allows for a leaner air/fuel ratio. All emissions levels decreased at these leaner conditions. by Jacob Wall, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of Idaho

This article shows research done that demonstrates a reduction in emissions and an increase in fuel performance occurs using hydrogen from on board electrolyzers.

The Society of Automotive Engineers have quite a few scientific papers on the subject of using hydrogen in internal combustion engines. They are not linked to in this document, because they are not free to download. However, many of these will be of interest to researchers in this subject.